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Lisa Bailey

“As a 40 something guy who last learned any French at school, it was great to have Saleha’s coaching to get me through the early stages of a new role in a French headquartered company managing a predominantly French team. I found the teaching I received to be very practical, tailored to my needs and both challenging and fun.” Jason, Manufacturing Director (industry: Packaging)


Hi Saleha, just wanted to say thank you so much for helping Rosie with her French oral work. She’s very grateful, she got an A in her test!!
Beverley Davies (Year 9 student)


Thank you so much for the help you have provided to Nathan! He got a B! He is delighted!! Thank you so much…
Debi  (French GCSE student)

Debi Evans

The Conversation Group was an excellent way for us to begin to revise long forgotten school French; every week we both (at different levels and with different interests) came home with some language element to investigate.  I’m interested in the academic side of it grammatically; Martin just wants to know how to use the grammar in a sentence without needing to know why, and your methods satisfied us both.
Madeleine & Martin (Evening discussion group)

Madeleine & Martin

I wanted to say a huge Thank you to you because the French conversation group is brilliant. You do such a good job at helping everyone, making sure no one is left out and considering how different we all are, and different abilities, this is incredible. You have a wonderful intuition for knowing when we do not understand – and you are so clever at re-phrasing so it becomes clear. You have a great talent.
Nikki (Evening discussion group)


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Summer School @ Marlborough College2016

Saleha is a great teacher, well planned for our needs and differing skills – I was worse whilst Paula was better – She adapted the teaching just for us and went at a really good pace – Excellent back up material and crib sheets to take away. Will try and use these skills when next in France! Merci beaucoup! Martin and Paula Purslow (one2one lessons)

Martin & Paula Purslow

Saleha is an excellent teacher. My daughter, who is a French speaker, loves her lessons and looks forward to them each week. She’d gone off her French lessons at school but even after her first lesson with Saleha she was excited again about French. Thank you Saleha and perhaps I’ll even have some lessons with you too! Olivia Rowe (one2one lessons)

Olivia Rowe