Are you preparing for a scholarship, an exam? I can help you!

Dear Parents, dear readers,

All those years teaching French have taught me invaluable knowledge, gave me experience to help with preparing for French exams. Most of all, I have had the time to analyze and understand what the examiners are expecting from a student seating an exam and how to achieve the best possible grade. Whether it is an oral, written or spoken exam, I can help you by cementing the already acquired knowledge or filling all those gaps to get you ready for exam success!

If you wish to discuss further, please get in touch! Contact me by email at or give me a call on 07515 893 352.

Salèha El D. Pinhorn

French – Common Entrance at 13+

French – Common Academic Scholarship at 13+

The year most students take their GCSE exams (end of Key Stage 4)

AS level exams taken in this year (also known as the Lower Sixth)

A-Level exams taken in this year (also known as the Upper Sixth)

Cambridge Pre-U French exams