Group lessons

Group lessons are help at my home.
My group lessons are tailor made or themed, with specific objectives (ex. exam preparation), I provide all material such as worksheets, course notes (which I take and send from my ipad), tailor made audios (listen & repeat – this service is included in the lesson price). I have collected a small but effective library of course books (and French reading books, CD, DVDs, audio books) throughout the years I have been teaching French which I can also use if required.

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The content and format of the group French tuition will depend on the chosen theme. In all cases, key areas covered in all French tuition may include:
* Reading exercises
* Listening exercises
* Speaking/pronunciation exercises
* Writing/grammar exercises
* Duration of each tuition session: from 1 hour
* confidence building in speaking the language
* exam coaching (if applicable)

Learning a language should be a pleasure, although it does mean hard work, commitment  and practice as well! But what a great achievement when you get to the stage when you can actually start communicating in a foreign language, you will feel like you are the King of the word. This is exactly how I felt when I have learned English! So, my approach to teaching is:

“motivation, organisation, hard work, achievement and success”

“If you need help with French, contact me for a chat.”