Common Entrance 13+

The Group lessons – Common Entrance 13+ … #Aims:

  1. (i)  develop the skills which will enable candidates to understand the written and spoken language and use the language effectively for purposes of practical communication;
  2. (ii)  give candidates opportunities to take part in a broad range of linguistic activities such as those set out in the National Curriculum for modern languages;
  3. (iii)  provide a basis for continuing study of the language and encourage independent learning, including the use of dictionaries, glossaries and ICT;
  4. (iv)  give candidates opportunities to work with authentic language materials;
  5. (v)  encourage interest in the target countries;
  6. (vi)  provide enjoyment and stimulation;
  7. (vii)  encourage positive attitudes towards the use of foreign languages and towards speakers of foreign languages.

Grammar focus:

  • verbs (different tenses), nouns (genders and plurals of common nouns, definite and indefinite article, partitive article), adjectives (agreement and position of regular and irregular adjectives, comparison, possessive, demonstrative), adverbs (adverbs ending in –ment, common adverbs), pronouns (subject personal pronouns, including on, relative pronoun qui,reflexive pronouns,..), prepositions and conjunctions (common prepositions and conjunctions depuis…), numerals (cardinal numbers 0-100, ordinal numbers 1-10, dates and time: 12-hours and 24-hours clock).

The Group lessons – Common Entrance 13+ [level 1 & level 2] are normally run during school holidays.

What they say: Saleha is a fantastic teacher. She is very organised and structures the lessons very well. She follows up each lesson with useful notes. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

What they say: Excellent teacher! Saleha is really helping my son with his exam preparation. She is very dedicated and has far exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend!

A set schedule (with days and timing) is available on request, please contact Salèha by email at or give me a call on 07515 893 352.

  • DBS checked
  • Max. participants per groups: 6
  • Min. participants per groups: 3
  • Cost: TBA/pp