Audio, listen & repeat

Accuracy and quality  of your pronunciation and intonation are all part of the assessment criteria, depending on the exam your pronunciation skills will be marked as follows:

  1. Full mark, very good, consistently good accent and intonation.
  2. Good, generally good.
  3. Fairly good, generally accurate but some inconsistency.
  4. Intelligible, understandable, but comprehension is sometimes delayed.
  5. Poor, barely understandable, making comprehension difficult.
  6. Poor, no language produced is worthy of credit.

Why use this Audio, listen & repeat service?

This is an ideal tool to practice and get ready for your French speaking/oral exam! Whether your are listening to your audio listen & repeat on your smart phone, in the car or at home, this method gives you plenty of flexibility and mostly you can take it anywhere you like and practice anytime you like, build up your confidence level!

How much does it cost?

The cost for this service will depend on the number of pages or size of the text to be recorded. For example the cost for recording a list of words (one page) is from £5 only!

How does it work?

1 – send me your vocabulary/text alongside with your required delivery date for a quote @
2 – if you are happy with the quote you then proceed with the payment
3 – the audio will be posted to your email address (or sent to WhatsApp or Messenger) within 24th following reception of the payment
4 – then listen, repeat, learn & improve your pronunciation!