Preshute Primary School in Manton #visit – La Francophonie

On Tuesday the 4th April 2017, I was very fortune to pay a visit to Preshute Primary School in Manton today.
I spoke to very enthusiastic year 5 and year 6 about the place of the French language in the world, the benefits of learning an other language but also the special link between our two countries & cultures (France & the U.K.).

The talk was organise in line with the celebration of ‘La semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie’ = Week of the French language and the Francophony will be celebrated all over the world.
As part of its mission to promote the French language, the Institut Français is launching “Et en plus, je parle français!” (And I speak French, too!), a new campaign which aims to project a modern image of the French language.

As a French native speaker and French teacher,  I wanted to share my passion for my native language with the children. The a short talk/dicussion (informal/30 minutes) was put together in order to put into perspective the concept of ‘La Francophonie’, but also to present the many French speaking countries as well as highlighting how languages have evolved, have borrowed worlds from one an other (French/English).
I believe this is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of a language, to highlight the theme “the power of words and communication” in our globalised civilisation.

Suggested activities/topics:
✅I will prepare a map to show (print) with all the french speaking countries, with names in French
✅french discussion (informal)
✅a talk about French/Parisien culture
✅the many French words that are used in the English language
…. when I do a talk I normally have a prepared plan which can be adapted/changed according to the reaction from audience – the purpose is to make it informal, relaxed, educational and fun.

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Thank you very much for your lovely welcome and all your questions! I hope you have enjoyed my visit as much as I did!
Year 5 & 6’s parents, don’t be surprised if your children ask to check out the front page of their passports ….
“Honi soit qui mal y pense’ ‘Dieu et mon droit’

If you would like to organise a visit to your School get in touch or give me a call on 07515893352
Salèha, Canspeakfrench – Language Coaching

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