‘Petits Chefs’ atelier or how to learn French and have fun baking

Petits Chefs*’ baking morning, improve your French and bake workshop – will it be Croissants making (1), Madeleines making (2), or Quatre-quart marbré chocolat making (3)? What shall we bake in my Cuisine**?
*ma cuisine = my kitchen
**petits Chefs = little chefs

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The first Croissants Making morning was a success! This ‘atelier’ [workshop] was inspired by my dear friend Lucie Cormack – Nordic Walking and Eating Expert 🥐
21 March 2017 – this morning I had the great pleasure to welcome some lovely Ladies in my kitchen to prepare, bake, and eat some croissants.
Merci beaucoup Laura, Saskia, Ali and Petit Ralph for your company 🤗 I hope you have enjoyed yourselves, you are officially one of #CanSpeakFrench ‘Croissant Artisan en herbe’ 👩‍🎨 🥐 [artisan en herbe = aspiring bakers].

Every participants will receive the ingredients and instructions in French! …..

  • this ‘atelier’ is ideal to revise/learn French vocabulary
  • during the session I will use French words/high frequency words and answer all questions in English or French depending on your level
  • for intermediate level and higher, this is an ideal immersion workshop where we will only speak French!
  • if you have a special request, I can adapt the ‘atelier’ to your special requirements – get in touch!
  • if you would like to run a Mother and Daughter/son ‘atelier’ – get in touch!
  • if you would like to run a Dad and Daughter/son ‘atelier’ – get in touch!
  • if you would like to have an ‘atelier’ with friends only – get in touch!

Croissant making 🥐 with Canspeakfrench – Language Coaching www.canspeakfrench.com

Le recette du croissant, ingrédients / pour 10 personnes

Pour une vingtaine de croissants :
500 g de farine
300 ml de lait
50 gr de sucre
15 g de levure fraîche
12 g de sel
190 g de bon beurre froid pour le feuilletage
1 jaune d’œuf battu avec un peu de lait pour dorer

If you would like to spend a relaxing morning baking get in touch canspeakfrench@icloud.com or give me a call on 07515893352
Salèha, Canspeakfrench – Language Coaching

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