Language & cultural trip to Austria

First #Intercultural trip of the year – How do you practice a foreign language & get better at speaking the said language? The answer is, find yourself a native tutor & then travel to the country/countries where the language is spoken ✅ trip #Austria #learninggerman #sprechensiedeutsch #deutsh  #wilkommeninosterreich #osterreich #mutterland


This language and cultural trip to Austria was put together by me and my husband, the aim of this week was to give my 7 year old son an opportunity to immersed himself into the German language and Austrian culture.

Enzo has beginning learning his third language last year and he has been showing interest & enjoyment in this process. We chose German because of the special link we have with Austria, my husband’s Mum was from Vienna, so it made sense to choose this language.

My husband and I, are also learning German, so this trip was also an amazing opportunity for us all to practice our newly learnt language as a family unite.

This week was a success, Enzo spend the week with German speaking children which has given him the confidence and ease to communicate with his new friends, he has enjoyed the local culinary food, on top of that he loved skiing!



Why do I believe in immersion and cultural trips? (personal opinion)

  • Children tend to become fluent in the language, even if it’s not spoken at home.
  • A child’s understanding of his or her native language may be enhanced.
  • Language immersion may make it easier for a child to learn other languages in the future.
  • In language immersion, the child will be experiencing the language first-hand. This really appeals to some children and helps them learn the language easily.

Questions to Consider

1. How does your child deal with his or her native language? If your child struggles with language concepts, you might want to consider the possibility that a foreign language could be very confusing.

2. How important is learning a foreign language to your family? You may have special reasons for having your child learn a foreign language, such as your location, relatives, or friends. Learning about another culture may be important to you as well.

3. Always do your research! Would this suit your child? Consider the pros and cons for your child.


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